September 2014 Documentation Cluster Telecon


§  Esip winter session ideas like metadata compliance tools

  • Ed – metadata evaluation/improvement – check for consistencies, are their tools
    • Anna agrees
  • Anna – NOAA EDM – metadata tools - forward to Documentation list (
  • Sessions due Oct 10
  • ACTION – Ed will submit session to Commons
  • NetCDF4 tools (John Graybeal) – issue with conversion between 3 and 4 problem with lack of tools
  • How to get the community to transition
  • ? more discussion of adoption of evolution of standard – might have the same issue with ISO 19115-1 – same kind of problem (Anna)
  • ACTION – Kelly create session - Applications of data models to changing technology

§  Prepare the summary issues for ACDD (John Graybeal)

  • Anna sent out a link to the wiki with ACDD 2.0 (past called 1.2? or 1.3?) -
    • Imported 1.2 working document and cleaned up text – removed mapping to THREDDS and ISO – mapping can be in a separate place (Ted might be working on this)
    • Cleaned links (were linking to unidata still
    • Things in RED are she is unclear and we can discuss
    • Phil Jones – have various versions on the website – need to set a review period… lots of confusion of what versions are current/up for review
      • Thought it was 1.2.3 … which has been renamed… he been on 1.2.3. for 6 month – it has been largely stable (John)
      • When we put together final form THEN got a list of new comments
      • New comments – are about 10 comments + red in Anna’s document =  about 20 issues – been using “talk” page
        • Talk page is difficult to follow – Anna suggest spreadsheet
      • Ajay – is there going to be version control UUDC checker – metric based on global attributes in NetCDF – uses version 1.0 – there needs to be a mapping
      • There are no tools yet – that is the next step
      • Heather (NCDC) – need more stable version – Anna – not converting right now, we are trying to figure out what the version will contain
      • Phil – which version should we be using – use 1.1 (also have 1.0)
    • Kelly – but 2.0 was what was refered to as the object oriented version – had been talking about this for months
    • So – ACDD current version under review will be called 1.3…
    • Propose an ACDD adjudication – 2 weeks for online discussion – then Oct 2 2pm EDT
  • Red (Anna)
  • blank space separated is recommended but commas should be used if any convention name contains blanks. – should only use one option
  • Not sure if slash should be in IDs, links to ISO 8601
  • If a bounding box is for a cube – how do you know it is a cube or a bounding box… - need to be re-written as part of a 2 or 3 dimensional region
  • Format is not prescribed. – should recommend that it should be a decimal (Because of translation to ISO… but some examples include units) – Need to go back to that one
  • or in a structured format compatible with conversion to ncML (e.g., insensitive to whitespace). – if you are going to use a structured format that some conversions will not convert because of blank space – need to explain better or point to other documentation where that is described
  •  "CF:NetCDF COARDS Climate and Forecast Standard Names" – if this is the format then we need to describe this in the keywords – this is a discussion topic
  • ACTION – Anna and John will talk about and then will send out an update including a spreadsheet
  • Send to documentation cluster – question of other lists - ? CF & ESIP-all – just advertise
  • Problem with how THREDDS uses ACDD
  • Emails Bob Simmons questions/comments

§  Concern deprecation always being a bad idea – no hard requirement – it is all recommendations

NEXT Oct 16


Anna and John will talk about and then will send out an update including a spreadsheet

Ed will submit session to Commons for Winter meeting about  metadata evaluation and improvements

Kelly will submit seession to Commons for Winter meeting about adopting new standards formats

Armstrong, E.; September 2014 Documentation Cluster Telecon; Telecon Minutes. ESIP Commons , August 2014