Data Management telecon 2013-04-03

  1. Sloan Foundation Challenge Grant

  2. Summer meeting session and/or teacher workshop session

  3. Any other business

Interested parties - find out if your institution requires overhead

Institutional Rep - ESIP (cover sheet signed by that institution)

Letters of commitment from cooperating institutions - Erin suggests letters from the institutions who would benefit (e.g., Rama, Geological Survey of Alabama)

(Include IEDA, DataOne as cooperating?)

Leave the who until later...

Investigate whether we can include endorsement -

Potential pitfall for this proposal - we’re not coming out of the social science community, but we are using social science techniques. We may need to make the case that DMT is not that different than other disciplines.

Nancy will ask about with other related questions.

Summer Meeting?

Carol mentioned - Breakout session at Summer Meeting: Next Gen Science Standards? Engage with non-traditional educator-types, and what’s needed. Roberta Johnshon is chair of session. NSTA is imminent, so don’t be worried if you don’t hear from her immediately. Denise, Ruth, Nancy

Data Management telecon 2013-04-03; Telecon Minutes. ESIP Commons , September 2014