Preservation and Stewardship Committee Telecon 2013-04-08

  1. Report on Data Mgmt. Training telecon

  2. Continue planning more focused discussions on this list: (

  3. Sessions for the summer meeting. Are there other sessions we should propose?

    1. With government travel being drastically cut, we need to plan for significant remote participation for the summer ESIP

  4. Discuss possible AGU sessions

    1. Nancy Ritchey can't make the call but is interested co-chairing an AGU session on preservation if anyone has any ideas.


Ruth will be running the meeting today instead of Curt (who can not make it today).

Denise reported on the Data Mgmt. training telecon from last week.  They are going to move forward on pursuing the Sloan grant.  Nancy H, Carol, Erin and Denise are working on this project.  In particular focusing on an assessment of the current training materials.  There are three groups 1) ESIP, 2) DataOne and 3) IEDA at Columbia has training materials.  What of these are effective, can we make suggestions for improving them?  We hope to collaborate with these other groups in our assessment.  Nancy is moving forward making connections with these other two groups and getting letters of support of commitment.  Positive feedback so far on this front.  Have a list of action items to help further develop the proposal - probably by the end of this week a draft will be ready.  It is due April 15th.  

(Denise got kicked out again...)

Bruce asked a question - have they run into material about costs and other schedules on resources? In relation to project management.  Ruth - not in this particular proposal.  Erin - this would be in the acquisition and proposal stages, has more to evaluating how useful these things are to users. Ruth - the current training materials point the need for monetary needs, but there are no specifics listed regarding these costs.

Denise thought our chances of getting funding were good at this stage.  She will touch base with Nancy and try to get the group an update in the next day or two.

Next item - the spreadsheet with our various activity plans.  Ruth would like to review the next few telecons and when they are, and to look at our planning list to see if there are other topics people would like to set up telecons for.

Ruth asked if anyone would like to take led on the PCCS telecon.  Denise could not take lead but offered support.  Rama would like to be involved as well.  Ruth will organize this telecon.  

Bruce is leading the discussion on 4/22 on the Data Collection Structure.  He has contacted a few people, but is interested in what people would like to get out of this conversation and how that fits with some of our other tasks.  He would like to give 5 minutes to each person to discuss their topics.  Bruce would like an email in advance for your topic to help facilitate discussion.

Bruce discussed the connection to libraries and cataloging but does not think Earth Science data is as simplified as print materials (i.e.books and serials).  Denise hosted a visit from Bruce to review rock core samples to help understand the diverse needs in relation to these collections.  He discussed a few examples of search parameters/dimensions that people might be interested in as a user.  Do usual metadata structures adequately fit our needs in descriptions for these types of collections?  Also discussed hazard materials.  Bruce would like to discuss better ways to present the search through a navigation through a website.  And he is interested in other topics people might be interested in at this time.

Ruth thinks the 5 minutes introduction is a good idea,  but is not sure she will be able to get these materials available in advance.  Bruce suggested just getting a few lines of text in an email.  Denise is waiting to hear back from those working on the core database at her organization and is not sure she can get anything out in advance as well.  Bruce is most interested in what people would like to get out of this discussion.

The following week - an identifiers discussion.  It has been a bit stagnate for the past year and worldwide there have been some activities on the topic.  Who would like to be the lead on this discussion?  It might have been Curt but we are not sure.  Ruth will tentatively assign this to herself and Curt and will get in contact with him regarding this topic.

Any topics for the 5/6 open session?

On 5/20 there was a session to have an opinion piece for EOS.  Rama will run that session - it has been moved to the 6th of May.  Rama will email the list of interested people to see if it is possible to move the meeting from the 20th to the 6th.  If this will not work, we will have to look into picking an alternative day if these dates do not work. Everyone except Brent and Mark (not on the call at this time) were available on the 6th.

Summer meeting sessions - a number have been suggested.  Ruth walked through the list and the leaders.  It was suggested that the Data Management training session be dropped but Denise dropped of the call and we were not able to confirm.  Ruth thought the list was a bit long and asked if anyone had any opinions on prioritizing the list. Denise says dropping the DMT is fine with her! (trying to rejoin) -

One of Anne’s suggested sessions will actually be hosted as a plenary and it does reduce the list.

Carol outlined the slots available for the summer meeting - at least 60 as well as those at the museum, but there are 10 session slot times so as not to conflict  with our own sessions.

Denise rejoined the call, and two sessions from the suggested list were dropped relating to the data management training.  If we get the grant we will not have time for planning.

Logistics were discussed on which sessions were to be submitted and how this might work.  Sarah updated on the Use Case session - Curt has submitted a rough proposal.  Anne has submitted hers as well.  Denise proposed two sessions (they have been submitted) and logistics are still in the works for planning so that things do not conflict.  Rama mentioned these are important topics and we will need the time for presentations.  Hook’s session has been submitted and the GCIS as well.

Ruth asked about other sessions?  Rama thought it would good as it stands.  Sarah forwarded a comment from Nancy - keep in mind distance participants when planning these sessions.

Ruth discussed AGU sessions.  Mark et al is submitting one on stewardship and another on metaphors (expanding on the paper by Parsons and Fox).  Nancy will like to submit one on preservation if there is other interest.  Rama is certainly interested and needs to take a look at Mark’s so that it does not overlap.  But if there is sufficient need he will propose one - relating to NASA point of view.  Erin said there is a list of others sessions that have been submitted - check out the ESIP wiki.

There were some questions about limits to federal attendance at AGU.  Rama updated everyone on this, coordinating a session will not guarantee you permission to attend.

Activity plans update.  Update on DDS from Anne - will have a telecon on the 4th Thursday of this month.  The current focus is on the panel discussion for the summer meeting.  They have agreed on a working version of the mission statement.

Ruth said it sounded like the group is running smoothly and does not need help at this time.  Anne asked if there was an AGU session topic based on this?  Rama said it seemed premature at this time.  Maybe next fall would be a better time.  Bruce asked about alternative literature topics.  The focus was mainly identify what has already been done and what we should expect a data decadal survey to focus on.

Information quality - Carol thought that it was left up in the air if it would be another cluster, but the preference is for it to stay under data stewardship.  If it is going to stay in the committee, we need to discuss it or set up a telecon for this topic.  Is there enough interest to set up a telecon on this topic?  Bruce - I might be willing to listen.  Bob is also interested but not in leading.  Denise feels the same way.  Can we convince Brent to continue leading this?  There is a conference on this topic:  Ruth will share information on an NSF effort on this topic.  Carol will contact Brent about continue working on this effort.

Duerr, R.; Preservation and Stewardship Committee Telecon 2013-04-08; Telecon Minutes. ESIP Commons , September 2014