Preservation and Stewardship Committee Telecon 2013-05-13

  1. Subgroup Reports

    1. PCCS discussion - LIS article planning

    2. Data Collection Structure Discussion

    3. Identifiers discussion

    4. PCCS Opinion article describing motivation

    5. DDS activities

  2. Continue planning more focused discussions on this list: spreadsheet

  3. Update planning activities document:

  1. PCCS discussion

  • submit an article to

  • Need to schedule a followup telecon

  • Notes from telecon -

  • Originally set deadline of May 15 - but discussion is about pushing date back to 6/1, with draft to review on telecon June 24.

  1. Data Quality Discussion   

  • Cancel May 20 telecon

  • Discussion of what’s next during summer meeting - find someone to be a champion

  • If there’s no champion, drop for now

  • Bruce B. - comments about RDA efforts focusing on biomedical, would be good to have more ES and large datasets, etc; NSF has a call out about this

  • Mark P - peer review models around data publication. ESIP doesn’t necessarily need to jump in, but we should interface with others if we do.

  • Bruce B - some push for IT solutions from particular disciplines, makes for difficulty on promoting standards

  1. Data Collection Structure   

  • Notes from telecon:

  • Presentations from Ruth, Denise, Curt, Bruce (links to presentations, where available, within the notes)

  • Next telecon on June 17, with some action items from specific people

  • Mark - has question about what the ultimate goal of this effort?

  • Bruce - helps with standards organization, repackagings, etc

  • Mark - seems like there’s a diverse range here - questions of reference vs. equivalence; or querying. What’s the end game? Recs for references, for querying (semantic approach), for discovery?

  • Rama - querying might fall more under Discovery cluster rather that Stewardship

  • Bruce - how people find the data is important to understand what sort of stewardship might be necessary

  1. Identifiers discussion   

  • Notes: ??

  • Only Curt, Ruth, Steve O., and Tyler called in

  • Group not large enough to pursue next steps

  • RDA has group on PIDs - if not enough interest here, may just refer to RDA group

  • Anne W. - still interested, is there a list of what we were interested in?

  • Bob D also still interested but was unable to attend telecon

  • Mark P - RDA group is called Persistent Identifier Types. Several things in RDA go along with ESIP activities

    • Ruth came up with idea of LIAISONS between ESIP Data Stewardship community to relevant RDA groups

    • People are making standards, etc., with focus on their own group without seeing what is beyond their own domain

    • The cleverness of ESIP needs to get pushed into the wider world, a broader global context, both within and beyond Earth Science

    • Link to RDA PID forum:

  • Rama - what would be useful would be if PCCS were reexamined, an exercise on what needs identifiers

  • Ruth - very important to move forward

  • Anne - potential volunteer. Anne and Mark will discuss

  • Please comment on RDA citation case statement

  1. PCCS Opinion article describing motivation   

  1. DDS activities   

  • Telecon notes/materials:  

  • Working on Panel Discussion for summer meeting

  • Draft of abstract

  • Draft list of potential invitees

  • Anne will send out a list to “vote” on potential invitees, compile results, and then invite people in order

(Denise here - got booted from the webex right near the end, so missed a bit)

Continue the discussion! We’re over time - and didn’t even get to past agenda item 1. Defer remaining items until next time.


Preservation and Stewardship Committee Telecon 2013-05-13; Telecon Minutes. ESIP Commons , September 2014