Preservation and Stewardship Committee Telecon 2014-02-14


PCCS dissemination:

  • No news on PCCS Science article. Denise will contact editors.

Will BCC all the co-authors in correspondence

  • D-Lib article - Bob downs did some work today; Ruth has started working on it now; might be ready for broader review by next telecon; will set up telecon with just the authors to decide about readiness for broader review

  • Additional article - for a different audience - EOS article - talk about the PCCS purpose, use cases and why keeping information is important, emphasize that NASA has made it a requirement now; based on science need, etc. interested authors - Bob D., Rama, Denise, Ruth, Steve,

    • Steve - preservation implementation at DAACs - we are collecting info on how they are currently doing it - Ruth - could be a good contribution to the EOS article;  i.e., tie in would be in terms of describing how the PCCS components are being implemented [putting the PCCS ‘to work’] by NASA data centers, thus emphasizing significance of PCCS components, and be examples for other science data centers.

    • Bruce - concern about software obsolescence can be written up based on experience with 20 year old software; Ruth - would be good use case article that Bruce could write on his own; Bruce - should include something in the EOS article about learning curves on software tools

  • Denise - interested in publishing physical object extension of PCCS somewhere based on AGU presentation; demonstrate it is a great start for others as well -> does anyone have a suggestion of a potential journal? e.g., a more specific audience than the EOS or the Science article, but broader than the NASA community

Feedback on Identifiers testbed report

  • DOI Testbed Report (Nancy H. might have difficulty making these calls.) - Ruth’s assessment of the report is that it is in good shape and is near-ready for prime time with very little additional work. Could be published in Earth Science Informatics where the identifiers’ paper by Duerr et al was published

Data Citations

  • Data citations - Ruth attending conference as panelist; will talk about ESIP data citation guidelines; also talk about ESIP organizations that are implementing them; Force 11 group is trying to finalize responses to comments that were received on their principles; that group has now started a new group called “implementers’ group”;

Data Management Training

  • Nancy has started a separate series of telecons;

  • We have as set of brochures (Carol should send brochures to Ruth to carry to IDCC meeting); IDCC conference is full; will need as many brochures as we took to the AGU; may be ~200; Ruth leaving a week from next Monday.

  • DMT - we had 100 proposed topics, 50 went through first draft; 35 actually published; some are becoming out of date already; need to figure out what more needs to be done

Collection Structure Breakout report

  • Bruce - Received no comments from the group on the report; have done light editing and put it in; what are basic building blocks (objects in an archive; physical and digital; separate metadata question from data containers; taxonomy); how do we inventory accounting for the objects; will submit slides as pdf document; uniqueness and scientific equivalence of data; proposed to have two papers to which people can contribute; will provide basic outline; accounting and inventory topics would be good for the Data Science journal; Bob Downs - packaging itself should have an identifier associated with it and be inventoried; Ruth will make some updates to the notes from the Winter EISP meeting breakout session

Summer ESIP Meeting

  • We should start thinking about the Summer ESIP meeting; hard cutoff on session submissions is April 13th.

Preservation and Stewardship Committee Telecon 2014-02-14; Telecon Minutes. ESIP Commons , September 2014