Preservation and Stewardship Committee Telecon 2014-06-20



  • Summer Meeting Planning

    • Tuesday, 9 am Data Stewardship Committee Activities - Reporting - need to confirm presenters

      • Physical Objects (Denise/Ruth)

      • Data Stewardship Principles (Denise)

      • Citations (Ruth)

      • Identifiers (Bob Downs, Vicky)

      • PCCS (Rama)

      • Collection Structure (Bruce)

      • Data Management Training (Nancy)

      • PROV-ES (Hook?)

      • Data Study (Anne)

  • Update from GeoData 2014

  • Other?

Tuesday session is 90 minutes. Each speaker will have ~10 minutes.

Denise will fold Data Stewardship Principles into Physical Objects. Ruth will report on Force11. Bob has info on DOI.

Lots of sessions that relate to Data Preservation - hard to choose.

During the Friday Planning session - time will be carved out for each of the “active” things, to delineate a plan until the winter meeting (e.g., PCCS). Specific topics that folks want to work on can also be brought up.

Ruth will follow up with Hook and Anne to ensure they will be able to participate in the reporting session.

GeoData 2014

synthesis notes:


Suggestion at winter meeting to have two sessions for program manager types -

  • Invite program managers for discussion on data integration

  • Compare plans in response to OSTP - share content and ways to increase collab/coord of existing plans

Suggestion to “call out” people who say that “I don’t care about data” and then USE data to prove their point in whatever they are working on.

Advances in education - how to forward that.

Data Life Cycle - need new term(s), would like to include the term “agile”

People such as Chris L. have signed up to come up with a new foundational “thing” that will probably contain the term “agile” that could replace “Data Life Cycle” to inform how people think about this process

Data Citation - go forth and participate!

Ruth says she sees a big cultural divide between traditional archives, libraries, and data centers - we need to cross-fertilize these ideas!

Bob says there is a growing literature on domain vs broader repositories.

Best practices -

Advertising success stories

Perhaps data review papers, comparing data usage data sets? session now slated for ESIP meeting

Vocabularies -

We need to start talking to tool-makers that URIs should be able to access the terms and definitions.

We need to make showcases and examples when it comes to semantics

There will be a report - the final report will (maybe) be out in a month or two.

Preservation and Stewardship Committee Telecon 2014-06-20; Telecon Minutes. ESIP Commons , September 2014