Preservation and Stewardship Committee Telecon 2014-08-08


* Erin will discuss the partnership with Mozilla regarding the educational modules

    Blog post on first Data Carpentry Bootcamp

    Agenda of first class | Intro Slides

GitHub for lessons

    White paper on Data Carpentry

    Sprint to develop materials

* A discussion of how to stay more connected to other clusters/committees etc

* Data Stewardship Committee budget request and plans

* Report backs on current status of the active items

* TBD - Hook may report on PROV-ES


On call: Denise, Erin, Ruth, Karen Baker, Peng, Rama, Bob Downs, Vicky

* Erin will discuss the partnership with Mozilla regarding the educational modules

Data Carpentry Bootcamp - report from Erin

See links above for some information.

Data carpentry is modeled on the software carpentry bootcamp.

Hosted one so far, in NC, in May.

Currently, the bootcamp focused on using data, rather than data publication, preservation, etc. Interested in expanding to pub/preservation, as well as domain-specific data usage (e.g, finding datasets, how to analyze usefulness of datasets and quality)

Interested in working with ESIP to further develop, expand, etc

Ruth - When they say “data use” do they go over data organization, file name convention, spreadsheet use?

Erin - Yes. Spent time with getting data out of excel into more powerful tools (e.g., R), but very light on actual data management.

Ruth - Sounds like things that need to be doing, but the “ending” part needs beefing up. Practicalities of data management are often what people come to her about. A single ESIP Winter Session wouldn’t cover it.

Erin - it would be a starting point.

Ruth - Main concern would be, do we have enough interested people as we’re all volunteers?

Erin - Might look at allocating budget, and/or test bed

Ruth, Denise, Bob at least would be interested in participating in a Winter mtg session.

* A discussion of how to stay more connected to other clusters/committees etc

Ruth - lots of different groups who are doing similar things. How do we coordinate?

Sure, there are groups we definitely know about (e.g., Data Study) but there are other groups that we may not know as much about (e.g., Energy and Climate)

How can we best stay connected?

Rama - Some discussion about creating a connections diagram at the ESIP summer mtg. Maybe generate some sort of overlap strength - something visual.

Erin - network map available on some of the newer one-pagers. Caveat is that it’s a static piece, but maybe need a more dynamic way to interface.

Peng - Along that line - Cluster/WG lead maybe get together every so often?

Denise - suggestion of maybe, similar to to “member highlight” of cluster/WG highlight.

Erin - will work towards this, maybe put out on Thursdays, and link on Monday Update.

Ruth - this will be very useful if included specific tasks, so that others can really key in on where the overlap is happening.

Denise - State of Federation at the ESIP mtg was very useful in this regard

Erin - will try to develop more for future meetings

Ruth - These updates on activities don’t need to be long, only a few times a year for each group, and this will allow for better collaboration

Erin - Start of visual map:

Rama - this seems like something Peter Fox and his students would excel at!

Denise - needs to be an ongoing dialog

* Data Stewardship Committee budget request and plans

Ruth - we can submit a budget. We requested some meeting travel support, etc. We should consider what activities we want to do that require support. Budget request needs to be submitted by end of Sept., so we need to finalize at next telecon.

We have a current student fellow, Sarah Ramdeen, whose term expires in Dec. We can budget for one - and we can recruit for good students, etc.

Ideas of things to fund:

  • Student Fellow

  • Travel support can be helpful, but there are difficulties with government employees

    • E.g., represent ESIP at other meetings to make sure that our efforts are known and utilized, particularly to meetings that we might not otherwise attend

  • Possible “honorarium” for assistance with particular Data Carpentry tasks?

  • How else can we support Data Carpentry?

Ruth will work with Erin to get info that needs to be submitted.

* Report backs on current status of the active items

Link from ESIP mtg:

Ruth - updated (using AGU guidelines as a template) to fill in the section for publishers in Stewardship/Citations/editor reviewer guidelines. Need to review, comment, etc., so that they can get to consensus.

Has been invited to Publisher’s RT at end of Sept, so would like to have this at least in robust draft format by then.

Peng - “data” has several different citations - the data paper, a paper for the description of how the data was generated, the original author’s paper. What one to use?

Ruth - depends on how the user got to the data, and what the user actually does with the data (Did the user access the data directly? Was the user lead to the data from a particular result?)

Rama - ultimate answer does need to be aware of provenance and reproducibility

(This will hopefully have a longer discussion in the very near future)

Ruth - no word from Hook. Rama - have heard from him recently. Will try to reach out to him.

PCCS and Physical Objects -

Denise presented prelim discussion of this, where it worked (high level), where it didn’t (drill down). But didn’t have enough time to get in depth.

Those interested will set up a separate telecon.

* Other business

Rama attended Library of Congress mtg on Data Stewardship, and was on panel to discuss what NASA is doing with stewardship of remote sensing data.

Bob Downs also attended - said panel was excellent, diverse attendance at the mtg overall.

Preservation and Stewardship Committee Telecon 2014-08-08; Telecon Minutes. ESIP Commons , September 2014