Drupal Working Group: Open House


Drupal stands apart from other content management solutions because of its success as an open source technology platform AND a community. In this Open House come and meet part of that community, hear about how Drupal is being used to tackle earth science objectives, and participate first hand as we seek to tackle *your* Drupal issues in our follow-up Code Sprint session.


  1. The NASA Science on Drupal Central (NSODC) ACCESS Project is working to build Drupal capabilities across NASA earth science. The project is developing key new open-access modules for earth data- and metadata-rich websites. The NSODC is also bringing together all of NASA earth science Drupal web developers into a community of purpose.  One of the recent NSODC efforts has been the Drupal implementation of a complete Earth science data management system supporting data search and discovery, definition of data orders and processing, and the tracking and management of orders and user specifications.  We will demonstrate the prototype system and discuss the potential advantages and issues realized during this project.
Adam welcomes
introduces the shared notes in Google docs

Shared Notes Document for the 2015 ESIP Winter Meeting Drupal Working Group Sessions

URL to this doc: http://goo.gl/zo8ebx

Slides: http://goo.gl/4BUWC7

introduces the working group past and future activities
David talks about Code Sprints for Science on Drupal #SoDsprint
submitting requests - for afternoon session to work with
First speaker is Ken Kaiser
  • Science on Drupal Applications for Science Data Systems
  • provides the test site URL for individuals to explore - the slides will be available and the link is within.

Adam asks whether everyone understands about Drupal and David discusses the purpose of Drupal as a collaboration community and a content management system.

Bruce adds that one of the important things is the content management system without the html coding needs plus you can use it completely on the back end and integrate other front end displays
Next speaker is Greg Elin Civic Actions GovReady 2015
  • "10 Signs FISMA will be automated" - Federal information security management act


Shepherd, A.; Bassendine, D.; Drupal Working Group: Open House; Winter Meeting 2015. ESIP Commons , October 2014