Semantic Tech Expo


This session will provide a forum for individuals and organizations to present their semantic technology projects and showcase capabilities through hands-on demonstrations.  Following brief introductions, presenters will set up at  stations where they will conduct demos and meeting attendees can test-drive applications and interact directly with the project developer to get more information. 


Tom Narock introduces the session and activities:

First Project
Beth Huffer with Lingua Logica
Demoing ODISEES  data portal at the ASDC
Adam Shepherd - web developer at WHOI
Drupal as a viable tool for Semantic Data Management
Evan Patton RPI - in conjunction with NSIDC
Semantic Sea Ice Interoperability Initiative
Thomas Huang with NASA 
Talking about SWEET 
showing with example of soil data
Nancy Hoebelheinrich - Knowledge Motifs - working with RPI and Goddard
extending tool match service by expanding collaboration
has poster display
online hackathon to come later
Line Pouchard
Ontology Alignment with Mapping Published in the Purdue Research Repository
talking about poster display
Bob Arkard  R2R Rolling Deck to Repository Program - slides
sharing D2RQ
Doug Phils - Consortium for Ocean Leadership
using Linked open data patterns... verbal presentation about current work.
Opening up to interaction among people - will walk around and discuss.


Narock, T.; Huffer, B.; Semantic Tech Expo; Winter Meeting 2015. ESIP Commons , October 2014