OGC Web Coverage Service

  • Gridded data with GML metadata
  • Enables interoperable access to detailed and rich geospatial data as “coverages”
  • Supports Binary files: GeoTiff, HDF-EOS, CF-NetCDF, JPEG
  • Provides three main Requests:
    • GetCapabilities: Retrieves a list of the server’s ata, available Services, WCS operations, and parameters
    • DescribeCoverage: Retrieves an XML document that fully describes the requested coverages
    • GetCoverage: Returns a coverage in a well-known format with several extensions to support the retrieval of coverages

Like WMS, the WCS standard returns similar formats. In addition, WCS is capable of providing:
  • valuable metadata and more formats
  • multi-valued coverages
  • more precise queries against multi-dimensional back-end formats
  • raster data in form of “source code” with detailed descriptions of the map (unlike WMS raw static image)
  • coverages that relate a multi-dimensional spatio-temporal domain to a range of properties (unlike WFS which returns discrete geospatial features)

WCS Examples

The following links are two example for GetCapabilities Request:

After requesting GetCapabilities and DescribeCoverage, the WCS Client can place a GetCoverage Request. The below is a GetCoverage REST request for A GeoTIFF of sea ice concentration at 25-km resolution in a polar stereographic projection focused on the Arctic (138 KB):

request =GetCoverage&

GetCoverage Response from Server: