OpenSearch is a collection of simple format for sharing of search results. OpenSerach formats allows clients to discover and use your search engine. Allows search engines and search clients to communicate using the common set of formats. It was developed and created by and 

OpenSearch allows you to direct clients to your search engine or use your search engine.
To direct clients to your web site:
–Write a simple OpenSearch Description document to describe your search. See OpenSearch description XML document example in this link:

If you wish clients to use your search engine:
–Syndicate your search results by formatting them with extended existing syndication formats, such as RSS or Atom formats, augmented with OpenSearch elements. See example provided in this link:

OpenSearch Clients

Search Aggregator Websites

Web browsers

Writing OpenSearch

Writing OpenSearch results with various types of software

Reading OpenSearch Documents

ESIP Federation OpenSearch

The ESIP Federation Open Search utilizes OpenSearch description XML document for Two Step Search:

  1. Search for datasets and then granules within the selected dataset
  2. Space-time granule query for the selected dataset