ExCom March 2012


1. Approval of February minutes

2. Summer Meeting Planning

3. Report from DC Visits 
4. Committee Updates 
5. Other Business

  • Honoring ESIP Partners Posthumously
  • Student Fellow Update

The meeting was called to order by President Karl Benedict at 2:04 pm EDT.

  1. Moment of Silence for Rob Raskin
  2. Approval of February minutes - A motion to adopt was made by John Scialdone, with Ken Keiser offering a second. The minutes were approved by acclamation.
  3. Summer Meeting Planning
    • Theme - The theme will focus on "ESIP Community Leadership: Innovating Throughout the Data Life Cycle"
    • Overall Logistics - Meeting planning is going well. Meeting breakout and workshop call for sessions went out March 7. We will have a robust virtual participation mechanisms available. The hotels are all within walking distance.
  4. Report from DC Visits - Carol and Karl visited NOAA TPIO and NASA HQ in mid-February.
    • At NOAA met w/ Jeff DLB, Matt Austin and Lewis McCulloch
      • NOAA is interested in moving forward the Data Management Plans and the data management requirements for groups working with NOAA resources
      • Carol and Erin will be working on a proposal to NOAA w/ submission targeted for April 1.
    • At NASA met with Steve Berrick and Lawrence Friedl
      • Discussed the NASA ROSES 2012 Solicitation. New topics of potential interest surround improving customer service standards and crowdsourcing science.
      • Carol and Erin will also target an April 1 submission to renew NASA funding.
  5. Committee Updates
    • The Products and Services Discovery Testbed project attempted to fill out the State of Art template. Some suggestions were made to modify the template. Those have been incorporated. Will work to have an online template in the next few weeks.
    • John Scialdone reported that partnership has four new partner applications and has been working on implementing an online membership form.
  6. Other Business
    • Honoring ESIP Partners Posthumously - The group discussed how to honor ESIP members who have passed away with a mechanism that is sustainable. Several ideas were suggested around presenting an ESIP award to the family of the deceased or having a one year special named award. The other suggestion was to have a place on the website where a memorial page could be posted publicly, maybe the ESIP Commons that would collect the facebook, list-serv and other comments scattered around into a single place. No decisions were made.
    • Student Fellow Update - We have put out the call for ESIP Student Fellows for 2012-2013 and received 4 applications so far. For more details see the ESIP site and please pass to any students that you may know.

Motion to adjourn made by Ken Keiser and seconded by Stefan Falke. The meeting adjourned at 3:05 EDT.

Benedict, K.; ExCom March 2012; Telecon Minutes. ESIP Commons , April 2012