Earth Science Collaboratory March 2012



Proposing ESIP Meeting Sessions

  • "Hackathon" for technical workshops?
    • Choose a collaborative platform and attempt to populate and/or use it.
    • Would require some prep work, learning about the platform, capabilities, how to use
    • Candidate platforms
      • HubZero
      • RAMADDA
      • NASA Earth Exchange
  • Planning session
    • Session on enabling technologies?
  • Innovation session--choose 1:
    • How the Collaboratory could enable scientific innovation
    • How innovation might be used to implement the Collaboratory
    • Consensus favors #1
    • This led to a discussion on the relative roles of Human Factors and User Stories
      • User stories are "longitudinal" descriptions of use cases, benefits and requirements
      • Human Factors are pervasive considerations for implementing the Collaboratory, but does include some requirements
    • Also discussed whether Scientific Innovation had relevance to decision makers
      • Distinguish high-level federal agency from field offices and state agencies
      • The latter may be conservative in adoption of innovations due to limited budgets
    • Focus on innovation in inter-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary science
      • Maybe also citicen science

Status Updates

  • Technological: planning a EuroGEOSS broker hackathon
    • Also looking at two other technologies
    • Part of selected EAGER proposal for EarthCube
  • Programmatic:
    • Recent ROSES/CMAC proposal call has a section targeting collaboratories: Come back in August to see who was selected, whether there is a possibility in leveraging the results of the proposal
    • Earth Cube: 6 technical experiments, 4 community governance groups
      • The groups first need to decide how to work together
  • User Stories: looking at framing stories as Before ESC and After ESC
Lynnes, C.; Earth Science Collaboratory March 2012; Telecon Minutes. ESIP Commons , April 2012