Semantic Web January 2012

  • New Telecon Time Discussion
  • Discuss/review outcomes of Winter Meeting
    • Updates on working activities
      • Erin - ESIP Network progress
      • Eric/Tom - ESIP AGU project
    • New activities for 2012 from Winter ESIP meeting
      • Chris - tools/dataset project
      • Chris will work on EarthCube white paper
      • data types/service ontologies needs to be revisited
      • James Gallagher has a possible use of semantics with Opendap.
        • Chris - could you use RDF and Opendap to create a integrated visualization from opendap servers
  • Other items
  • New Telecon Time
    • Peter would like to move the telecons to 4pm due to teaching conflict
      • everyone on the telecon was ok with the new time
      • Chris mentioned that we need to verify that Peter can be online by 4pm. 4:15 might be better to allow time to leave his class
  • Current Activities
    • ESSI-LOD
      • Tom and Eric met with AGU CIO who is very receptive to linked data idea
      • AGU CIO is currently exploring setting up AGU triplestore and serving their linked data
      • Tom/Eric would be given access to AGU triplestore as well as AGU website to maintain/promote this project
      • AGU still hesitant about releasing data until after meetings have occurred - they will provide data for all past AGU meetings in a more usable XML format (as opposed to HTML) - Eric/Tom will convert to RDF, but no data will be released prior to an AGU meeting due to AGU concerns over syncing/data quality issues
      • working with Erin to integrate more ESIP data - clusters and cluster members/chairs
      • exploring Google Refine as a possible tool for addressing people/organization ambiguities
  • New Activities
    • Chris gave overview of ToolMatch, an effort to use ontologies and linked data to match tools and services with data.
      • Chris is soliciting help with this effort - sign up on the wiki or contact him directly
      • The plan is to map out what needs to be done and by whom over the next few months
      • would like to have regular telecons and a meeting at ESIP summer meeting to work on model development
      • Connection to Service Casting were mentioned and it was discussed that the Discovery cluster should be involved
      • Hook - ToolMatch's linked data/ontology approach should be the back end to service casting, an interface of this type could output service casts
    • Chris gave overview of white paper on semantic web usage in Earth Science
      • would like to get this completed in next few weeks - those who haven't contributed are encouraged to do so soon
      • several usages for this white paper
        • esip information commons
        • earth science data working group
        • submission to earth cube
    • James Gallagher gave overview of how Opendap now supports RDF
      • several use cases where discussed including integrated visualization from multiple opendap servers as well as metadata conversions and casting
      • James will continue discussions with Peter and the cluster to explore future use cases and applications
Fox, P.; Semantic Web January 2012;ESIP Commons , April 2012