Cloud January 2012


Winter Meeting Recap

  1. Thomas will upload slides from our speakers
  2. Take baby steps and capture lessons learned and best practices
  3. Look into all possible, Linux, Windows, ESIP Private Cloud
  4. A need about when could we have the cloud for our use cases

Cloud Computing Testbed Discussion

Cloud platform needs: while most looking for free computing, but we need something that is appealing

Use Cases: Develop a usage requirements, how much resource is needed, and how to coordinate?
  1. P&S 5 testbeds
  2. Big data processing, uploading, download (Peter C.)
  3. Near Real-time processing earth observation data (J. Evans)
  4. Best Configured OpenDAP (Dave, Long)
  5. Others

Collaborations with Other Clusters:

support the needs of cloud computing from other clusters, and identify use case from them too

  1. Semantic Web
  2. Drupel
  3. Earth Science Collaboratory
  4. Discovery
  5. etc.

Cluster Work Plan & Action Items

  1. Develop community consensus matrix of requirements for cloud computing adoption,
  2. Identify potential applications to be running on the resources,
  3. Identify cloud resources (Amazon, Microsoft, Nebula, Private Cloud),
  4. An execution plan with a target of presenting in the summer meeting and EarthCube,
  5. Develop a proposal through P&S committee asap.


  • Document guide for users to explore or determine if cloud could help with an application
  • Push cloud computing in the RFP from both agencies or users to see if cloud should be adopted or not
    • How to run cloud computing services.
    • How to migrate Earth science applications onto cloud environment and how to best leverage the cloud.
    • Help us mature the open source foundation.
    • Develop a community agreed matrix for testing cloud.
  • Cloud computing resources
  • Best configured virtual images for a number of applications
  • EarthCube & Summer meeting
Yang, P.; Martin, R.; Cloud January 2012; Telecon Minutes. ESIP Commons , April 2012