Geospatial March 2012



  • Introduction
  • Telecon Topic:
    • A pure Python-based discussion surrounding modules and technologies for GIS, from Tile Server Solutions to Webframeworks.
  • Review - next 3 mos
  • Progress report on building best practices resource
  • Progress report on identifying reps to build an SME reference
  • Summer Meeting planning in Madison, WI (July 2012)
    • We have one session scheduled so far, would like a second
    • We have three demos/presentations tentatively scheduled so far - would like three more
    • Training?
      • Have reached out to local entities in Madison area (Dane Co, WI State Cartographer Office, UW Geography Dept) but not heard back from anyone
  • Conclusion and schedule for next telecon (April 2012)
    • Monday, April 16
    • Topic - GDAL
Bagwell, R.; Geospatial March 2012; Telecon Minutes. ESIP Commons , April 2012