ESIP Commons Workshop


Please join us for this workshop where we will begin the process of defining and developing the high-level guidelines for the governance of the ESIP Commons. Given the diversity of content areas within the Commons, it is envisioned that the guidelines will establish some baseline processes for content management within the Commons while leaving the specific processes for each content area to its community.



Need for Commons defined:

·       Structure- wiki has no structure: good and bad

·       Tangible organizational interface

·       Content is more fluid but with persistent consistent identifiers

·       Acknowledgement to contributions and show the institutional contribution, collaboration area

Different than wiki or website:

·       More general content types with added keyword tags for specificity

·       Moderation/ curation- light touch management

Potential issue

·       Content transfer from wiki work to publishing: May include fore thought when creating and deliberating in the wiki

Creating Meeting;

Meeting/session is the object has the attribute of abstract and notes


·       Is there a presentation module? Different than poster/ Different than meeting

·       What about the level of granularity?

·       How do we define and refine our content types

·       Licensing

·       Criteria- standard, quality

What are other issues?

·       Content management

1. How do we get people to do this process?

·       Capability and flexibility to upload of a file of notes from a session

·       Make it easy, quick.

2. Identity- Productivity

3. Current content on the wiki that could be moved to Commons: responsibility of the group to tag.

·       Can use this process to develop ideas for content type needs

·       Exemplars of content data types for transfer from meetings to repository

4. Commons as a repository goes into grey literature area.

5. Work flow content in a wiki vs. content in the commons

·       Self curate

·       Summary of ideas

·       Quality not quantity of content

6. Importance of keeping the completely unmoderated wiki- along with the moderated structure/ curated artifacts

·       Federation Culture: terms of ref.

·       What do we expect to come out of the Commons?

·       What is our plan to make this happen?

7. Identifying common workflows or practices – We can build the content into the commons itself.

Useful structural artifacts then also have special objects that occur at certain times

The ability to link other content types into that artifact

8. Emerging publication opportunity- clear center as durable citable – put this on your CV link to it



How do we envision editors- topical, distribution?

1. Content area editors- scalable approach – decisions are closer to community

-Also requires some training

2. Dealing with disagreements- editorial board or managing editor

·       Dimensions: delegations: group to handle it

3. Build incrementally as go forward-

4. Erin: promoting community ownership

5. Designated editors for each meeting: Committee designates content publishers


Mechanisms to handle

6. ESIP Commons needs a style guide: not built from scratch (? MLA)

Metadata is applied uniformly throughout by system designation

But actual material composition as well

7. Limit 4- page document of standards- barriers to entry into system keep low


What are the next steps?

·       Sign in sheet –working group with star by name

Any other examples of platforms

Dachstuhl? (Dog stool) Conference

·       Nail down conclusions for at least two teleconferences

·       Licensing: expand or modify

·       Dispute resolution

·       Moderation and management granularity

·       Content born in wiki- grow into commons: defining boundaries


*Differences between the actual element copyright type and the ESIP copyright

Check about Compilation copyright vs. Individual 

Benedict, K.; Meyer, C.; Robinson, E.; ESIP Commons Workshop; Summer Meeting 2012. ESIP Commons , June 2012