Discovery Catalog Open Source Software Evaluation


This session focuses on the case studies of the open source softwares- Geoportal server and EDRN Portal. Usability tests were conducted for the portals with either softwares or users by NASA JPL and NOAA NODC.  The purpose of the evaluation was to collect feedbacks from the users and developers in an organized way. The results from the test can help the developers of the open source tool to find a better way in meeting the users' needs. This session will also discuss the evaluation of the Geoportal Servers from the developer's aspect in order to share the best practices.

Agenda (draft):

a. The increasing usage of the open source software among communities and the importance of the evaluation of the popular open source tools (Kenneth Casey, NOAA NODC)

b. EDRN Portal and Usability test (Andrew Hart and Chris Mattmann, NASA JPL) (

c. Geoportal’s basic and advanced functions (Christine White, ESRI)

d. Geoportal Server and Usability test from the users and developers on basic functions (Li and Ken, NOAA NODC)

e. Geoportal Server's Usability evaluation from the developers for the advanced functions (Matthew Austin, NOAA NESDIS)

Casey, K.; Yuanjie, L.; Discovery Catalog Open Source Software Evaluation; Summer Meeting 2012. ESIP Commons , June 2012