The USGS Derived Downscaled Climate Projection Portal: A data rich web application for visualization of climate change indices.


The U.S. Geological Survey has created a visualization portal to present derived climate indices based on high resolution downscaled climate projections. The portal is driven by open source software and relies almost entirely on open standard interfaces for data exchange. Capabilities of the portal include mapping of the spatial patterns of downscaled climate projection indices and visualization of spatially averaged annual time series for a number of political, ecological and hydrological boundaries. Standards implemented as part of the portal include the ISO profile of Catalog Services for the Web, Web Map Services, Web Feature Services, and Sensor Observations Services using a Sensor Web Enablement Common CSV block encoded payload. Software used for the portal includes GeoNetwork, GeoServer, THREDDS data server, ncWMS, ncSOS, OpenLayers, Digraph, and others. While the current version of the portal represents pre-calculated climate indices, future development plans include—and the existing system architecture supports—dynamic generation of indices based on user specified thresholds and areas of interest.