Info Quality Planning Meeting


This session will solely focus on how to restart the Information Quality Cluster.  The agenda will be question driven, here are some of the question we will discuss(and hopefully answer):

1) Where are we at as a Cluster?

            -Is there past/unfinished work in ESIP that someone is aware of that the Cluster can support?

            -What are some of the current IQ efforts going on ouside of ESIP, are there gaps we can fill?

            -What role should ESIP play in the greater community involving IQ?

2) Where should we go as a Cluster?

            -What goals should we set for the Cluster? the coming year? long-term?

            -Ideas for efforts the Cluster could drive or contirbute to?

            -What collaborations with other clusters should we work off of or foster?

3) Between now and the Winter Meeting:

            -Goals or efforts to spin up between now and the Winter Meeting?

            -Monthly telecons?

4) Did we miss anything or anyone?


Maddux, B.; Info Quality Planning Meeting; Summer Meeting 2012. ESIP Commons , July 2012