Documentation July 2012 Telecon


The goal of this telecon is to set up an agenda for the ESIP meeting the next week.

There are two goals for the ESIP meeting:

1. Decide on a strategy for moving new names into the CF-Standards Name list and

2. Identify a set of documentation "objects" and compare current approaches to describing them to 1) facilitate translations between dialects, 2) identify "best of breed" approaches, and 3) develop a new set of conventions that cover these objects.

Ted is trying to develop some examples and materials on the ESIP wiki to support #2. These pages are in the Documentation Cluster / Documentation Connections category and there are currently two: one on Data Centers and Distributors and one on Online Resources. Other candidates include People, Citations, Extents, Identifiers, Identification Information, Lineage, Data Quality results, ...

If anyone in the group would like to take a shot at one of these, or some other, it would be great...

Ted is also trying to develop an xml representation of this information (see attached) and an xsl for displaying it. Seems to me that this makes more sense than yet another spreadsheet. The "design" is crude, but hopefully effective. If others know of a better approach - please suggest it...


Documentation Cluster July 2012 Meeting

When: July 11, 2012 noon EDT

Participants: Ted Habermann, Ed Armstrong, Erin Robinson, Kelly Monteleone, Alexksander Jelenak, Phil Jones, Christine White, Howard Burns, Steve Aulenbach


  • “crosswalks.html” file emailed out to CF-list before meeting
  • Started with introductions of attendant
  • Purpose of telecom is to create agenda for ESIP meeting next week
    1. CF satellite standard names at multiple levels of processing (Alex and Ed)
  • Alex has names to add to CF ( but did not finish getting them submitted to CF (process took too long – but he received feedback about the process)
    • Need to email to the CF metadata list (not the track website)
    • Then there is a discussion
    • When the discussion finishes, the moderator determines if the terms are added
  • Goal for meeting: list to submit to CF
    • Ed will look through old CF emails for other terms
    • Universal Crosswalk
  • (Ted emailed to CF – xml, xsd, and xsl for crosswalk)
    • Dialect = metadata standard or format (ex. DIF)
    • Spiral = collection of related fields (ex. Citations)
  • Goal: to populate each spiral in xml to build up for community
  • Other similar files include:
    • GCMD – DIF to ISO translation
    • NcISO – net CDF/THREDDS to ISO
    • OCSI (Ted) – he or Thomas will present
  • Other spirals
    • Lineage – there is not much in ECHO and DIF but some in ISO
    • Data quality measures
  • Christie can include ESRI perspective in session
    • How geoportal deals with multiple
  • Howard – interested in Wolf quote on Documentation page of wiki
    • ACTION – Howard will create a wikipage that explains what he is looking for help with which will be addressed at next telecom
  • Agenda set (
  • Next meeting – Aug 15 at noon (EDT)

1) Howard Burns will create a wikipage that explains what he is looking for help with which will be addressed at next telecom

Habermann, T.; Documentation July 2012 Telecon; Telecon Minutes. ESIP Commons , July 2012