McIDAS-V : Visualization and Analysis Capabilities for JPSS


McIDAS-V is an open-source, freely available software package for analysis and visualization of geophysical data.  Its advanced capabilities provide very interactive, 4-D displays linked to Python-based user defined computation and analysis.  McIDAS-V is now Suomi NPP-enabled so these powerful capabilities to integrate data, analysis, and visualization can now be applied to the nextgeneration of remote sensing instruments of the Suomi NPP/JPSS program.  Tools for display and interrogation of VIIRS, CrIS and ATMS have been developed by leveraging capabilities already proven for MODIS, AIRS, IASI, SEVIRI, and GOES, as well as, numerous other environmental satellite, NWP re-analysis and in situ data.  Case studies are being used to develop new analysis and product validation techniques in the McIDAS-V environment.  This will allow Suomi NPP/JPSS scientists and algorithm developers to analyze and visualize their products, enabling algorithm evaluation, product synthesis, and iterative development.