Documentation Cluster - September Telecon


1) Air Quality metadata - Erin

2) approaches to doing crosswalks - Ted

3) other dialects - who has one they want to talk about?



1)      Air Quality (AQ) Community Documentation: Publishing and Using ISO 19115 Metadata (by Erin, Ted, and Rudy Husar)

·         AQ has variety of data (ex. Emission, satellite, population, models) and are producing secondary products

·         Formed the AQ Data Network

·         Use WCS (NetCDF – CF)

· - spread sheet of AQ metadata needs

·         See metadata as a spiral

1.       Collect all existing documentation

2.       ID community/project specific metadata needs

3.       With expert help – examine standards and guidelines

4.       Validate with schema and schematrons

5.       Publish

6.       Iterate –as data evolves

·         Request for Documentation Cluster

·         Expand the NOAA GEO-IDE wiki (

·         Code list definitions

·         Examples of metadata – specifically Hierarchical metadata with sensors on platforms, etc.

·         (Ted) the difficult part is bring communities together

·         GEO MS – reads likes CF but not CF it was/is a NASA standard

·         Greg – It is project specific

·         (Ted) The issue is still what is lost in translation

·         (Greg) At Dublin meeting, happy that group was able to agree on one or two standards

·         (Steve) worked in various fields (ecology/enviro sustain/archaeology)

·         Groups usually lay out a few requirements & then think they have done enough to code

·         Thing being done in complete ignorance of other research

·         Think ESIP is the place to work on this

·         (Greg) in Dublin – repeated the same exercise of defining fields that were needed

·         Some people needed it – it was a way to wrap mind around the problem

·         (Ann) – there is no standard that crosses all the standards – most are not aware of what is needed to cross disciplines

2)      Ted – Crosswalk

·         Described the crosswalk and its element (see previous notes for description of spirals and dialects)

·         Looking for more standard way for the data - ?ontology

·         But has new and better ways to transform the data

·         Html – table

·         Wiki -

·         Discussed

·         Brought up ISO code lists on the NOAA EDM wiki

            Discussed how there are different terms because some groups thought they didn’t overlap

3)      Open discussion

·         (Kelly) – NISO metadata talk – discussed grouping metadata into simple, simple-moderate, and complex based on the number and types of terms – thinks it could help with scales of transformation

   (Ted) simply = discovery… working with same time of system

·         (Ted) Add Quantifying the change between standards to next meeting agenda

·         (Alek) will send terms to CF list – group oked

·         Next meeting set for Oct 17 at noon EST


1) Aleksandar will send terms to CF list

Habermann, T.; Robinson, E.; Documentation Cluster - September Telecon; Telecon Minutes. ESIP Commons , September 2012