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Hear from the team that developed the Drupal platform and is consolidating hundreds of sub sites that, previously, were a challenge to maintain. The Department of Energy brought in the Phase2 Technology team to to create a platform that integrates many sites into a central point, enables easier sharing of content and features across sites, and doesn’t require developer intervention. And they wanted it all under a uniform and award-winning design that defines the platform’s experience today.

The presentation will cover early architectural decisions and will look into some of the key CMS technologies used such as Organic Groups, user-generated blocks and block entities (aka "Beans") that added significant flexibility and simplicity for users working within the platform.  The team will also provide updates on the new innovations on the platform that aimed at supporting the Department if Energy's needs and goals.


Here are links to bios of the presentation team:

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Phase2 Technology demo of; Telecon Minutes. ESIP Commons , September 2012


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