Commons Governance minutes



Attendees: Karl, Carol, Chris, Reid

Some technical difficulties with Webex:

Accessed ability to share screen through Karl’s “Go to Meeting” account and through the Web ex phone line.


Talking through vision statement

·      Vision statement in future tense

·      Participatory- build in that thought later

·      more than a publishing

·      aggregator- work space for the community interactive

·      go back to looking at the mission

·      core or central destination for the earth science community to access the knowledge of the ESIP Federation

·      Karl- and interact with

revisit it move on to licensing…

and role of the steering committee…


Licensing: assignment of permission to publish the contact

·      License assigned to the material may not be the absolute requirement

·      Creative commons by-license- don't have to have permission to republish from creator

·      Lulu: contributors keep the copyright but give permission

·      Community generated content. …Different than content such as posters

·      ESIP ability to use -license doesn't mean you give up the right to it

·      Karl: How do you think folks would feel about that- partners who are publishing materials- would this cause them heartache?

·      Carol: what about presentations?

·      Government agencies- might have some roadblocks 

·      Don’t want to have a requirement for publishing in the commons- barriers to some presenters

·      Making it optional for people…. creative/commons or public domain as another option

·      Karl to Chris- any experiences

·      Public domain as another option would not complicate

·      Creative commons has a public domain definition/ option (?)

·      Carol: Can we have a series of checkboxes to denote individual agency on making decisions

·      Couple of things that folks would need to do licenses to choose from- also need them to certify that they have the right to do this that they are the copyright owner

·      Understand their content- must license those previous-exceeding limits of license copies

·      Through the combination of the certification and the choice of license that is available to them we provide the citation information to them and cover ourselves - due diligence with submitted content

·      Capability for each piece of content to identify or flag possible copyright issues- how to handle that- 

*You Tube changing their model to non-digital millennium copyright- poster could repeal you tube defined process them now changing over to a process through the dmca notify who they think the copy write owners - issue formal "take-down request" simplifies through legal process through dmca process *

·      previous discussion about licensing-- wiki is by default is the gnu free documentation license- by understanding gnu fdl is assigned

·      Chris- then license is different- content is different than the wiki

·      Karl yes- given that the content and submission styles are sufficiently different- also materials going in are further along in the spectrum- more "static publications" 

·      ie: white page in the commons choose one of the creative commons we have available- then we also have a comment space where we are explicitly submitting (we need a blanket copyright)

·      account creation: agreement comments created in the commons are subject to license x

·      can choose for submitted content but not comments

·      move away from creative commons being only option but may move more toward public domain

·      have the creative commons to be the preferred license- may have a reason for submitting as public domain (try to discourage) but still beneficial in terms of knowledge sharing 

·      creative commons has a public domain

·      Carol: a preferred approach- that can be the default check and then give the other options 

·      also cc- zero "wave all the interests slightly different than complete public domain

·      examples of policies:  flicker ( like the language and readability) also plos

·      take one of these wiki categories that we pulled out highlight bullets that we want to see in a policy

·      take a stab at developing an outline borrow pretty liberally with attribution of course

·      Karl-outline for policy document based


Meet next week an hour earlier 1pm EST next Friday, October 12, 2012 


Benedict, K.; Meyer, C.; Commons Governance minutes ; Telecon Minutes. ESIP Commons , October 2012