Commons Governance minutes



Operational behavior of the Commons: content types/ area structures/ workshop materials

  • how do we manage identifiers
  • thoughts to the mission or vision
  • Second half of the mission is almost there

Attributes for how the commons will operate

  • understanding that content is targeted towards broader audience
  • permanent record it is not- but persistent record
  • ?tagging scheme
  • browse-ability tags of access
  • attribute additions- comment ability
  • Carol- is this a descriptive tool or part of a vision statement
  • Chris-Best Visions are short and sweet
  • attributes are distilled down into brief and compelling

Starting the wording for the vision statement

  • capturing community knowledge through -the trusted leader in earth science information
  • something short and direct for vision
  • Vision: Karl- redefining the boundaries of publishing- doesn't match goal of ESIP separating the tech side from the out come of the Commons
  • Carol: what is different about it- capturing knowledge that wouldn't otherwise be published grey literature-This is not business as usual- works in progress- 
  • ESIP Commons published the full breadth of knowledge generated by the ESIP community shared within the federation to advance earth science informatics
  • K: Preserves and organizes: search, browse, ongoing discussion- capture of quality representing ongoing value of materials or knowledge/ Captures and organizes the breadth of knowledge
  • Carol: shared? may not be the best word- sharing its knowledge
  • community or breadth

moving to google docs document:

  • Rahul- is this as much a publishing arm- or … new documentation tool importance from research community- notion of publication
  • Note for future (Reid-task) add to the list of governance- tagging member vs. non…
  • we can tag member affiliation without stating member in vision
  • how to reflect tagging and commenting ?social? not social
  • Carol - we don't need the support of the informatics community
  • In the mission we talk about the open, curated, sharing with thte broader community- Do that not just for the sake of the community, but to share with others
  • Karl: Broad community of users…Meeting capture piece- discussion? is it in there?
  • Rahul- it is enabled - we don't have control over whether people use it
  • Carol: dynamic resource- changing content dynamic place, not just contributions but keeps the conversation going
  • Rahul- systematically rather than organize- systematically applies and simplifies
  • publishes the breadth of knowledge/ breath of content- diversity of content/ "diverse content contributed by" not supporting, but sharing
  • content or knowledge- knowledge is not as broad- keeps the material broad

Karl: copy and pasting into wiki: closing google document-

current draft: The ESIP Commons is a participatory platform that systematically captures, publishes and shares diverse content contributed by the ESIP Federation.

Next Meeting will be Friday October 5, 2012 at the same time 2pm EST.

Benedict, K.; Meyer, C.; Commons Governance minutes; Telecon Minutes. ESIP Commons , October 2012