Help: Adding a Meeting Session

Log- in to the user account from the home page

  1. Using the black menu bar above the header select the item Add content

    NOTE: if you have NOT yet recieved and returned the validation email for your account, You will NOT see the above menu.
  2. Add content will return a list of available content types. Click "Meeting Session". 
  3. Meeting Session will open a new meeting session form. Fill in all applicable blanks
    1. Event is autoselected to the upcoming meeting. 
    2. Keywords - used the common to separate
    3. Collaboration Areas - holding down the alt/option key allows you to select more than one item.
    4. Author field - If your name isn't on the list, click red add new and a form will pop-up to add a new author/Institution. 
    5. DOI or EZ ID- leave blank 
    6. Choosing Creative Commons- three different options, or none.
  4. At this point you can preview your entry. By scrolling down I could edit the entry without having to select an edit function.
  5. Save and then submit. 
  6. You can go to the Meetings site, click on the Sessions menu and see your session posted there.