Visualization: 24 October 2012 Telecon



Presentation of VisKi by Nick Del Rio
PhD candidate, UTEP, El Paso
Advisor: Paulo Pinheiro, PNNL
VisKo: enabling visualization over the web
- not a new toolkit, a framework to register existing toolkits
Problem: sharing visualizations over the Web
- send an image
     - limitations: recipient can't adjust image to own needs
- send data
     - may be too big
     - recipient may not have skills, software or tools (supercomputer) to generate the image
- send URL of visualization embedded in view on web
     - only for specific domains like OGC for GIS
New Solution: VisKo
- pass a visualization query
- specification of visualization that can be generated over the web
(slides posted on web as well for DEMO)
- queries easy to share with people
- in view, if want to adjust parameters, can edit in query
- end-user still retains some control of the image
- enhanced usage of preferred toolkits
- if like NCL, if registered with VisKo can use it
- VisKo may also know of some other toolkits registered with it and can auto-generate visualizations using them for different image outputs
- run time of query is a little longer if don't specify the toolkit
Hybrid pipeline transforming data
Operator pipeline graph
- each node is a service
- snapshot of knowledge base
Joining VisKo: submit package to register with VisKo
- gives automated service discovery
- have a package template
- if have data that you cannot visualize, need to register a service so can see it even if have to transform it through multiple services to get to that visualization
- helps data users use multiple toolkits, see data not completely familiar with
How generating RDF
- have to write module for it when submit package, part of the template
Can you subtmit a package like Matlab?
- licensing issue: might be able to get around if assured was only for use within organization
Can you output to a file? Or just a screen?
- depending on service
How handling provenance?
- when executes pipelines in VisKo, can execute with record of provenance
- returns query and PML query
- proof markup language
- RDF and ugly, not human consumption
- keeps execution trace
Can you use for general processing, without terminating in viewer?
- for general data processing have to register as a viewer
- benefits of having specific visualization viewer has termination point
Ward, K.; Visualization: 24 October 2012 Telecon; Telecon Minutes. ESIP Commons , October 2012