December Documentation Telecon



  1. Problems converting FGDC to ISO (someone from EDAC - not Karl)
  2. Update from ISO TC meeting in Saudi Arabia (Ted)
  3. November Action items
  4. January Meeting Sessions


  1. Problems converting FGDC to ISO (Soren Scott – EDAC)

·         EDAC is in the process of updating metadata from FGDC to ISO

·         Have encountered some issues with the transformations – some are specific to their data but others are not

·         Downloaded the latest version of the transformation (June 2012) (

o   Ted is not sure this is the most recent – EDAC should talk to Jackie

o   Need to incorporate EDAC’s edits of XSL into the latest transformation

·         Using an internal bug tracker (able to share if wanted)… listed a number of specific issues that have been corrected in the XSL

·         (Ed) – what type of FGDC records, satellite?

o   Wide variety - over 250,000 records

o   Are valid for FGDC but not prescriptive – now convert to prescriptive and then to ISO. 

  1. Update from ISO meeting in Saudi Arabia (Ted)
    • ACTION - Ted up upload his slides to the wiki & commons
    • Created a TC211 Schema repository
    • ISO 19115-3 is a schema for 19115-1
    • Combining 19157 and 19115-2
    • Trying to match namespaces with UML package

o   There are a lot of namespaces – more than their used to be

  • (Ed) – when will this be released
    • Rules for the schema are changing
    • They know what they will look like
    • Someone (in Arizona) is working on schema
    • It is expected by the ESIP meeting
  • 19157 – Data Quality Piece
  • UML model does not match the documentation
  • There is a new person who just took over this
  • What happens when they get revised
  • There is also a problem of the delay of standards and xml implementations for the standards
  • How deal with standard
  • Working on Enterprise Architecutre (software to write UML) – trying to get standards incorporated into the software
  • November Action items

A.    Ted will add a paragraph on the wiki about the sensor-instrument and channel-band issue – eventually… (maybe Ed could do this?)

B.     Joe will write a wiki page for CF radial and include a small section on the Metadata Dialects page - DONE

C.     Joe will send out pdf of slides to CF list -DONE

D.    Ted will ask Ken Casey about winter meeting session – Ted will contact again to get confirmation

  1. January Meeting Sessions
    • CR Unleashed
      • Kelly will put the order of speakers on the website and speakers will add their title and a short statement about what they will talk about
      • Order is Aleksandar, Ed, Joe, and then someone from NODC
        • Ken Casey is not attending … Ted will email about who can speak for the NODC
      • Ted will have something prepared as a back-up about CF and other dialects
      • Speakers have 20 min each
    • ISO session
    • Ted will put something together and update common’s website
    • Soren – Data Management for Information Access – will also deal with metadata and repository issues


5.      Other topics

·         Ted – Hdf5-xml document – 7400 lines

·         Metadata has 3480 lines

o   It includes some ECHO

o   It will be migrated to ISO

·         Situation – document some complex data set int eh future

o   Will talk about this in ISO session at winter meeting

·         IUSE (?) – converting from SOS to ISO via a crosswalk

o   Ted suggested they join the group

·         Next meeting

o   See everyone at the winter meeting… decided then if need a January Telecon or wait until February





CF Unleashed Speakers - add title and short blurb about your talk (

Ted up upload his ISO slides to the wiki & commons

Ted will add a paragraph on the wiki about the sensor-instrument and channel-band issue – eventually… (maybe Ed could do this?)

Habermann, T.; December Documentation Telecon;ESIP Commons , November 2012