Agclimate telecon 2014-11-04

Keep exploring the possibilities with David Augustine
For January - can we get someone from LTAR to give an overview of what they are looking for - what they need as a function of applications
Instead of use cases - taking a look at the spatial resolution issue
Nancy got in touch with people from: VegDRI project
Possible speakers - tentatively room for 2 sessions
The list above is a few initial possibilities
Mark Wahlbridge is interested in coming to the winter meeting and will be one of the plenary speakers
There will be others from this group that Erin will post shortly after confirming
Steve Kelling - head of IT at Cornell Ornithological lab - working with Nature Conservancy, Point Blue - Bird Returns 
(He is willing to come as his work has a link to food resiliency topic - working with rice producers)
Next step: clarify discussion topic specificity and any support with registry
Potential interest in ESIP too
(Also interest as connection with topics of citizen science and education)

Arif Albayrak - co-location of ground and satellite (level 2 and level 3)

working on spatial tools that will do point to point, point to swath, point to grid, and swath to grid
he could introduce tool and give some information about 

Li Ping Di - Also does a lot of ag work  - with NASS - might be interested in presenting something (another possible speaker)

If everyone is able to come we would need more than one session.
Have a station set up where demos or screen capture video could occur (in the downstairs open area)
May offer this idea to Molly and Dahlia (on the list of speakers)
We can consider other possibilities - next step is to see whether everyone is available (Also contact Li Ping)
Sessions will probably be Day 1 in the afternoon



Bill and Nancy to contact potential speakers about whether they are available.

Hoebelheinrich, N.; Teng, B.; Agclimate telecon 2014-11-04; Telecon Minutes. ESIP Commons , November 2014