ESIP Preservation and Stewardship Committee Telecon 2014-11-14


* review plans for ESIP winter meeting

             - planning and reporting sessions

             - Defining data publication session - need and plan for how to proceed with this one, probably 10 min background as to why repositories need to take charge of defining this (Nancy Ritchey leads)

          - what should be the outcome, how documented, promulgated, etc.

             - dynamic data citation session - telecon Monday

* status of papers

             - EOS paper call later today

             - final pass through D-Lib paper

             - Nature?

* Moving PCCS forward

* Moving data stewardship maturity matrix forward


Denise is leading the call today as Ruth is sick.

Denise started by reviewing the plans for the winter meeting.  She discussed why we have split the planning meeting into two separate sessions with a reporting session.  We have so many things to report, it was taking up all of the planning time.  Denise will be leading the reporting session, and will send out an email to the list to see who has something to report. Ruth will take charge at the planning session.  

Erin shared a link to the meeting agenda,, those in orange are the data stewardship sessions.  Each session was reviewed to see if anyone needed assistance.  Our two planning/reporting sessions are Thursday morning.  Erin will send out another email, but hopes this is the last of the movement.  And the workshop is later that afternoon (Thursday).  

Sarah recapped the current standing on the Dynamic data citation workshop.  A call will be held this Monday at 1pm EST in the webex if anyone would like to join.  We have 4 data sets and are working on an agenda for the workshop.  Sarah will send out information to those who can not make the call, but if anyone has questions please send them to her and she will address them during the call.

Nancy joined the call late.  She said they have things under control and will send out an email if needed.  

Denise asked if there were any sessions at AGU people need to be aware of, if not already.  Sarah mentioned an EarthCube RCN townhall on Tuesday during the lunch session.  And Denise mentioned Kerstin L’s poster session, also Tuesday afternoon.  Erin is still looking for people for the Ignite talks.  Today is the last day.

The Science paper was rejected, but it has been reworked for an EOS publication.  They will have a call starting at 4pm EST today to get the paper wrapped up.

DLib paper - Bob said it is just about done, and he thinks they are waiting for two people who were going to go through and revise it.  Ruth then Denise second.  Denise has not heard anything from Ruth, and the link shows the last revision was made in April.  Denise will send out an email to those 4 who are on that project to check on the status, and what the next step might be.  If Ruth does not have the time to revise, do they want to take a different route.

Nature paper - Denise thinks that is related to the paper that was going to be used in EOS.  ‘EOS or Nature’ or ‘EOS and Nature’.  The key players on that paper are not on the call, and this may need to be followed up with via email instead.  Denise is not sure if that is an extension to the rejected Science paper, or if it was something different.  Bob said we might want to talk about that one when we talk about the EOS paper.

Next up - moving the PCCS forward.  Denise presented a summary of it at the summer meeting.  Especially moving it wards physical samples.  A lot if it kind of fails.  So the discussion now needs to be whether we try to move that current iteration to fit a broader standard of data, or we argue that the current version for remote sensing is a model for other content standards.  Sarah mentioned the work she and Ruth are doing in RDA to find out what other groups are doing in regards to context and content standards.  

Moving the data stewardship matrix forward - Matt remembered the report.  It was a presentation on a model.  And was not sure what the agenda point was about either.  Someone from NC State (Ge Pang sp?).  Sarah will look up notes from the summer meeting and send out an email to the list to refresh everyone and find out what we should do next.

Denise mentioned how in the past we have made space for multiple monthly telecons - calls for subtopics and regroups.  So the work was getting done in smaller calls and these main calls are more for reporting.  She is not sure we can do that before the winter meeting.  But it would be something to discuss at the winter meeting.  Bob felt that make sense.  Especially as projects wind down, we should be initiating new ones.  Like where we are moving with the PCCS, data publishing, data citations.  After the winter meeting we will likely have more projects springing up.

Bob mentioned a reminder - he sent out a call for papers about a month ago, for a special issue on Maps and Geography libraries.  On geospatial data managementnt and curation.  The call is for an initial title and abstract, by tomorrow to Bob.  Just a reminder that if you are planning on submitting one, do that by tomorrow.

Matt asked about the dynamic data workshop.  Might have some colleagues who can share some data.  Sarah will email him.

Sarah will also create a place on the commons for the dynamic data materials, and will share that after the call Monday.

Hills, D.; ESIP Preservation and Stewardship Committee Telecon 2014-11-14; Telecon Minutes. ESIP Commons , November 2014