Semantic Web - Ontology portal tutorial/hands-on; OntologyGovernance


Session 1: ESIP BioPortal/Ontology Portal overview and governance

  • Natasha Noy (Stanford University) will present remotely: an introduction to BioPortal and WebProtege (45 mins) with Q/A
  • Attendees will access the ESIP instance of the Ontology Portal and browse, annotate, etc. and discuss features, ask questions, obtain hands-on assistance (Pouchard, cluster members)
  • The last part of the session will be to review Governance (maintenance) requirements for Ontologies in the ESIP Portal and discuss what functionality needs to be implemented and what respective roles and responsibilities are (among ontology authors, providers, annotators, users, etc.) (Fox, Pouchard, cluster members



We are asking that people who want to upload ontologies into the portal during the session create an account for themselves prior to the session at the following link, or prepare to be patient if needed.





  • Peter Fox, Intro
  • Natasha Noy, BioPortal and WebProtege
  • Line Pouchard, ESIP Ontology Portal
  • Participatory, Governance

Notes / Discussions

  • Remote presentation - Natasha
    • Overview of BioPortal
    • Mappings may or may not work for ESIP Ontology Portal
    • Overview of Web Protege
  • ESIP Ontology Portal
    • Populated ESIP Ontology Portal on Amazon EC2
    • Many third-party modules in BioPortal, not part of ESIP Ontology Portal
    • Provide a place where Earth Scientists could find ontologies (NCBO BioPortal is not well suited for these ontologies)
    • BioPortal is migrating from Flash to JavaScript
    • Soon, will be a "visualize" tab for classes
    • Ontology portal checks ontology for syntax
    • Notes can be a useful discussion mechanism for ontology governance
    • Further research would be needed to determine if the Bio-medical annotator service will work with Earth Science domain
  • Ontology Governance
    • Persistent repository, and authoritative ontology
    • ESIP is not responsible for content
    • Cluster is responsible for governing the ontologies
    • Are clusters authorized to govern ontologies? Yes.
    • Maintenance of external ontologies (e.g., ensuring latest versions are posted)
    • Need four volunteers to develop ontology governance proposal
  • Ontology download does not work
  • Auto-complete for term mapping does not work
  • Governance group must address both acceptance criteria and maintenance
  • Four members for Ontology Governance Group
    • Tech - Line
    • Use case - Chris Lynnes
    • Community Minded - Bob
    • Ontology-owner - Cyndy Chandler
Fox, P.; Semantic Web - Ontology portal tutorial/hands-on; OntologyGovernance; Winter Meeting 2013. ESIP Commons , November 2012