December 2014 Documentation Cluster


- ACDD 1.3 (Note: See all ACDD-related telecons at .)

- Winter meeting sessions

- metadata of the month (TBD)


ACDD 1.3

·         The breakout group made a few recommendations and approved that voting should commence

o   Only significant changes should be considered further

o   A process to vote: start vote on call and continue with a doodle poll for 2 weeks (end Dec 31)  -

·         Questions

o   Heather Brown (representing NCDC)

§  Should the version be called 1.1 or 1.2 or 1.3

·         1.1 is still active version.  1.2 existed but was never a stable version

§  Attribute crosswalk does not work for the new version

·         Crosswalk is not normative (it is an additional reference)

·         No one has committed to update it YET

·         John will add a clause at the top of the page of all earlier documents for clarification of version

§  Creator/publisher URL – one in suggested and one in recommended

·         Approved vote to have both in recommended

·         The voting process

o   Start vote on call and then continue online

o   Everyone put their name and in the end John will send the list to the email list serve

o   Voting is for Documentation Cluster ONLY

Winter meeting sessions

·         Ted has ideas to change things around.  He will make sure they are changed on the commons (it was a bit confusing).

Call ended at 1230

Habermann, T.; December 2014 Documentation Cluster; Telecon Minutes. ESIP Commons , November 2014