ESIP Preservation and Stewardship Committee Telecon 2014-12-12



- Final plans for ESIP

 - Dynamic citation workshop

 - Data publication session

 - Agenda for status session (DRAFT: )

 - Agenda for planning session

- EOS paper status


Sarah reported in on the Dynamic Citations workshop.  One point that still needs to be determined is if we want Andreas to present an overview of the workshop during the business or reporting meeting.  Ruth also discussed having someone present MODIS, asked if Rama would represent this group.  Robert Wolfe (GSFC) was suggested as a representative instead. Ruth said she could do it but she has not been involved with it recently.  

Nancy is reporting at the winter meeting on the publishing data session from Tuesday afternoon.  She summarized the theme - repositories vs. publishers methods of ‘publishing’ data.  Bob asked if she meant institutional repositories.  Nancy said data centers, archives.  Ruth said that is the core of the issue.  There are multiple definitions of what data publication is, and data repositories need to see if we have enough of a common definition so we can prevent other groups from usurping the term.

There was talk of inviting Mark Parson or Peter Fox, but Ruth thought Peter might be busy and Mark is not attending.  The plan is to have presentation and discussions, but Nancy was not sure if we should have a panel discussion as well.  Ruth mentioned Bob as one of the possible representatives and she would be open to talking about NSICD.  Bob thought Institutional Repositories (IRs) might be a bit different.

Ruth said if we do find differences, what do we do to document it? That might have to be part of the discussion there.  Bob volunteered to be on a panel, let him know either way.   

Rama asked the difference between open discussion or a panel.  The merits of each were discussed.  There were discussions about different panelists, someone from USGS, Library of Congress, and USDA.  There are members from these groups presenting in other sessions.  Someone mentioned an RDA group that is working on definitions (including data publishing).  And they are collecting various definitions and not necessarily creating.  Ruth will add this to the action items.  Yes we will have a panel, the question is more what does it mean for your group (see below).  And Ruth asked for other questions or ideas.

Anne asked what our goal is with trying to define data publishing.  Ruth talked about the meeting she and Nancy attended - what we think of publication, and publishers think of it, are different.  And it might not be right for repositories to let industry determine what publishing means.  Anne - so we would like to create a definition?  Ruth - we would like them to not be in charge of the definition.  Ruth we want to see if we have enough commonalities to see if we have a definition and start promoting that.  Rama suggested maybe two different terms will be used, Ruth said the path forward will be determined in the session.

Link to RDA definitions.

Peng asks How would this be different from the NOAA's procedure:

Ruth and Nancy will work on the final questions and run them past Bob.  Ruth will talk to Peter next week about attending.

The process whereby data are subjected to an assessment process to determine whether they should be acquired by a repository; followed by a rigorous acquisition and ingest process that results in products being publicly made available and supported for the long-term by that repository.

Question for panel members to present and discuss:

What does data publication mean for your organization?

Outcome of panel: Document description of meaning of data publication. Identifying and describing the differences and commonalities of the different types of organizations that publish data.

Agenda for the status session

Built on the previous reporting sessions, and Curt’s activity document.  

We reviewed who would be reporting on which topics, and what should be reported on that is not listed.

Denise will check in with Nancy H about the data management projects.  Denise asked Rama to talk to Hook about attending the reporting session, or providing a report during the meeting.   Ruth will talk to Amanda.  NASA, NOAA and dsig (?) report

Denise is reviewing the Eos paper, and hopes to get it to Mark, and then it would possibly be submitted before the ESIP meeting.  Bob mentioned the changes to EOS, with a new online interface.  A publication by Anne et al, will be included in the next issue.

Duerr, R.; ESIP Preservation and Stewardship Committee Telecon 2014-12-12; Telecon Minutes. ESIP Commons , December 2014