VegScape: an update on the large-scale crop condition and progress monitoring system


VegScape ( has been collaboratively developed as a national crop condition monitoring system by the Center for Spatial Information Science and Systems of Georege Mason University and the National Agricultural Statistics Service of USDA. The system is an open, Web-based, systems consists of geospatial Web services and components, including Web services following OGC specifications - Web Coverage Service (WCS) for data/product servicing, Web Map Service (WMS) for data presentation, Web Feature Service (WFS) for geographic features, and Web Processing Services (WPS) for data processing and analysis. The system enables the live link from Earth Observations (EO) to final crop condition indices and crop progress stages. The latest focused development was on crop progress modeling using time series analysis of crop condition profiles. Progressive double sigmoid models along with series of smoothing and noise-filtering have been applied in improving the crop growth stage estimation. The system currently estimates the 10 major crops in the States. VegScape reaches the stage of operational adoption in crop condition monitoring and crop progress stage estimation using primarily very high temporal resolution EO data.

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