Geofairy: An Open Geospatial Information Sharing Mobile Platform


Geofairy ( is a mobile app developed by the Center for Spatial Information Science and Systems in George Mason University. Geofairy succeeds to collect and display nine kinds of the mostly used geospatial information: vegetation, weather, precipitation, atmosphere, soil moisture, altitude, agriculture, land cover and land use. The information comes from different data providers, e.g. NASA, NOAA and Google. Geofairy performs as a hub gathering and reformatting information and sharing with users. It supports users to view information in three modes: table, chart and map. Through Geofairy Users could capture the situation information of interesting locations in an intuitive manner. The information from Geofairy could help make decisions in a wide range of domains like designing plans to respond agriculture drought, biodiversity crisis, climate change, disaster, disease spreading and extreme weather. Geofairy involves eight public datasets and more than 100 data layers nearly covering the whole globe, including most developing countries. For developing countries where geospatial information are lack and hard to retrieve, Geofairy allows them to monitor the measures of the environment, provide timely and accurate status reports, analyze the trends in the history and guide people in developing countries to make plans and take actions to prevent or remove the possible bad consequences.

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