Extending the ToolMatch Service by Expanding Community Engagement


In order to make further progress on the viability and robustness  of the ToolMatch service, much more instance data is needed to add to the knowledge store in the form of different kinds of visualization tools, and many more datasets from a variety of domains.  Further populating the knowledge store will not only confirm that the ToolMatch service meets the two initial use cases, and the third, new use case, but also expand the applicability of the service to other domains within the ESIP Federation. 

As we have begun adding information to the underlying Knowledge Store, it has become increasingly clear that employing other sources of information such as data catalogs, and data or tool registries is not only advisable but critical to leverage and scale a service like ToolMatch.  In-depth analysis of the types of datasets, visualization tools, and technologies used by these data catalogs and registries will be necessary, however, in order to understand how the ToolMatch service can use them in a practicable, scalable manner.  This kind of analysis will also help the ToolMatch team move toward the goal of demonstrating how the service can be incorporated into existing sets of information services found at data and archive centers.  

Short term outcomes for the ToolMatch service supported by funding from the ESIP Products & Service Committee's Testbed are: 

  • Address the feasibility of integrating Semantic web based services with other information services such as data / tool / service catalogs and registries in support of data user and data tool developer information needs;
  • Investigate the applicability of the ToolMatch service to other domains within the ESIP Federation, i.e., USGS and NOAA;
  • Incorporate some relevant datasets and visualization tools from the other domains mentioned above into ToolMatch, if applicable;
  • Identify factors that would influence the successful incorporation of a ToolMatch service into at least one data catalog;
  • Identify factors that would influence the successful incorporation of a ToolMatch service into the services offered by an established data center such as that of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center or Jet Propulsion Laboratory.   
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