Ontology Alignment with Mappings published in the Purdue Research Repository


A current focus of the Semantic Web Cluster is ontology reuse and ontology mapping. Currently, a new ontology tends to be created for each new project, resulting in duplication of work and lack of interoperability.   In this project we are testing the ESIP ontologies by evaluating their potential for ontology mapping.  In particular, we are providing mappings between the Semantic Web for Earth and Environmental Terminology (SWEET) and ENVO, the Environmental Ontology by using Agreement Maker Light, an ontology alignment algorithm that won first place in the Ontology Alignment Initiative 2014 campaign.  We are also providing mappings between SWEET and the ontologies from the Semantic Sea Ice Interoperability Initiative.  The mappings in the form of rdf triples are published in the Purdue University Research Repository and given a DOI.  Publication in the repository guarrantees open access and preservation of the mappings. 


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