Discovering Public Data: an Assessment of Current Metadata Practices Across the U.S. Department of the Interior


The Department of the Interior is coordinating an effort for its compliance with the Open Data Policy. All new and updated public data will be part of a federal Public Data Listing at, which will be served through the catalog.  In order to comply with this requirement, the Department conducted a corporate assessment of the metadata practices in order to update its Data Resource Management program. This evaluation started by assessing the current state of metadata practices, by collecting various experiences related to the formalization and codification of metadata procedures in the bureaus and offices of the Department. The evaluation produced four synthetic themes that illustrate the variety of perspectives that may be needed to effectively mobilize metadata from this complex, multi-missioned organization.  Actionable outcomes focused on increasing human capital.

Collaboration Area: 

Name: Jennifer Carlino
Organization(s): USGS

Name: Ray Obuch
Organization(s): USGS

Name: Lin Zhang
Organization(s): DOI OCIO