10 Reasons Why Drupal & Automated FISMA IT Compliance is Becoming a Reality by Greg Elin


Speaker: Greg Elin

The painful Certification and Accreditation process for Government IT Systems often seems designed to repress innovation. But rebel forces are currently massing to dramatically transform FISMA IT Compliance into a modern, automated, developer-friendly process. Ex-FCC Chief Data Officer and CivicActions Partner Greg Elin will introduce participants to 10 reasons why your next ATO (Authority to Operate) may take minutes instead of months and how CivicActions and GovReady are collaborating to automate compiling System Security Plans for Drupal-based government IT systems. 

Greg's Bio

Greg Elin advises CivicActions customers on cyber security and transforming FISMA compliance into a collaborative, automated practice aligned with agile software development. Greg brings 20 years of user-focused data management and web development experience to CivicActions projects, with nearly a decade in civic and government tech. He is the Founder and CEO of GovReady PBC, and was previously the first Chief Data Officer at the Federal Communications Commission, member of the White House Taskforce for Smart Disclosure, and a 2013 Knight Foundation News Challenge Winner. Previous to government service, he created the Sunlight Labs, the technology arm of the Sunlight Foundation widely regarded as a tent-pole organization in the civic tech community.

http://govready.org - Making FISMA compliance easier for innovators

Shepherd, A.; Bassendine, D.; 10 Reasons Why Drupal & Automated FISMA IT Compliance is Becoming a Reality by Greg Elin; Winter Meeting 2015. ESIP Commons , January 2015