2015 ScienceOnDrupal Summer Lab


8:30 - Introduction to 2015 Drupal Summer Lab by Co-chairs
8:40 - GHRC Drupal site (https://ghrc.nsstc.nasa.gov) by Ajinkya Kulkarni
9:00 - Backdrop CMS by Nate Haug & Jen Lampton
10:30 - Use Cases for Using Drupal Queues by Adam Shepherd
11:00 - Getting Off Planet with OpenLayers and Drupal by Colin Foley
1:30-5 - Code Sprints

Colin Foley, Lehigh University

Keynote: Colin Foley, Lehigh University (bio)

Title: Getting Off Planet with OpenLayers and Drupal

Watch Colin's presentation at DrupalCon Los Angeles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEa-Bf7NQvk&t=1249


Jen Lampton   Nate Haug

Guest Speakers: Jen Lampton (bio) & Nate Haug (bio)

Title: Backdrop CMS: Why & What




The ScienceOnDrupal Summer Lab is an annual, one-day Drupal event comprised of talks in the morning and code sprints in the afternoon. The Lab hosts 2 guest speakers from the larger Drupal community to present on topics identified by surveys of the Drupal Working Group. In the past we've hosted Angie Byron (webchick), Greg Knaddison (greggles), Brandon Morrison (brandonian) and Owen Barton (owen-barton). The code sprint is directed by issues and topics raised throughout the year at telecons and the ScienceOnDrupal Groups site, documented on a Trello board. The 1st Drupal WG code sprint was held at the 2015 ESIP Winter Meeting where we moved forward 3 issues identified on drupal.org related to Semantic Web technologies (Schema.org, RDF generation).


Previous Drupal Summer Lab talks can be viewed along with other ESIP monthly webinars on YouTube.



To submit a talk for the Drupal Summer Lab, follow the Summer Meeting Session submission instructions, selecting 'Drupal Working Group' as the Collaboration Area.



2015 ScienceOnDrupal Summer Lab; Summer Meeting 2015. ESIP Commons , March 2015