EarthCube Town Hall


This summer is a great time to jump into EarthCube. By joining the EarthCube community, you can help guide the next generation of data-rich geoscience discoveries! EarthCube has active working groups spanning from system-wide software architecture to science success stories.

At this town hall you’ll hear all about what’s new at EarthCube and how you can join in and help guide the geosciences to a new platform for data sharing, software reuse, open scholarship, and grand challenge geo-scientific discoveries.

If you missed the EarthCube All Hands Meeting in June, you’ll get a quick update from that event. ESIP members who demonstrated new software and services will be on hand to tell you about their latest technology.

The latest science and cyber-architecture strategic plans will be ready to explore and review too.

Katz, A.; EarthCube Town Hall; Summer Meeting 2015. ESIP Commons , March 2015