Cyberinfrustructure for physcial data sets - iSample collaboration


EarthCube’s RCN iSamples ( is focused on developing cyberinfrastructure for physical data sets. This includes all aspects of the lifecycle for physical data – management, access, preservation, curation etc. iSamples will incorporate the perspectives of not only the field scientists who collect the data, but also  the data managers, and those building the cyber systems by which access or use of the physical data is mediated.

iSamples has a number of working groups that are relevant to ESIP, in particular a data citations WG, a identifiers and metadata group, and one looking at what they call “user stories” but is similar to our use cases. Thus, iSamples is interested in networking, collaborating, and coordinating with the Data Stewardship committee of ESIP in particular. Representatives from iSamples will give a brief overview of the RCN, and details about each of these working groups. Time will be dedicated to discussing overlap and future collaborations.


  1. Introduction to iSamples
  2. Brief overview of each iSamples working groups
  3. Presentations (with questions)
    1. Kerstin – AAAS report
    2. David – WG 1: citations
    3. Andrea WG 2: user stories
  4. Discussions
    1. How can ESIP and iSamples partner
    2. What is ESIP doing in related projects
    3. How can ESIP members contribute to the iSampes WGs etc.
  5. Wrap up
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Ramdeen, S.; Thomer, A.; Cyberinfrustructure for physcial data sets - iSample collaboration; Summer Meeting 2015. ESIP Commons , April 2015