Global OpenSearch


If you google 'Brazil satellite imagery' you get CBERS. Drilling down on CBERS gets you to INPE, Brazil's National Institute for Space Research. If you go to INPE's website and click on the english language version of the site you get... a broken link

This is a familiar story for many data providers. The data can be extremely hard to get to if it isn't archived at a data provider you are 'familiar' with. They all have their qwirks and you don't have time to learn them.

What if someone did that heavy lifting for you?

And what if someone aggregated these data providers at a global level?

What if you could access data from Brazil, India and Europe throught the same API?

And the same user interface?

This talk is about how EOSDIS has achieved this through Open Search, the CEOS and ESIP Open Search Best Practices, the IDN and CWIC.

Newman, D.; Global OpenSearch; Summer Meeting 2015. ESIP Commons , May 2015