Operational Metrics of ESDIS Digital Object Identifiers Registration System


NASA’s Earth Science Data and Information System (ESDIS) Project has been processing information for the registration of Digital Object Identifiers since 2010.  Over the last 3 years, automation has been implemented, incorporating the recommendations of two user working groups established by ESDIS though Earth Sciences Data Systems Working Group. During last two years the automated system has processed over 2000 DOIs from various data providers.

This largely automated system includes: a) reviewing the DOI metadata, b) assigning of opaque DOI names if requested, and c) reserving, registering, and updating the DOIs.  One of the key features of the system provides data providers with the flexibility of reserving the DOI that allows data providers to embed and test the DOI in the data product metadata before formally registering the DOI with EZID. In addition, the DOI update process allows the changing of any DOI metadata except the DOI name unless the name has not been registered.

This poster will describe in detail various steps of the unique automated process, underlying communication approach with EZID, time taken in each step of the process, and summarize the recommendations made by the two User Working Groups. In addition detailed metrics of the DOIs processed through May 2015 will be presented.