Mercury: Metadata Generation, Search and Discovery System


Mercury is a combination of three main tools (i) Data/Metadata registration Tool (Online Metadata Editor): The new Online Metadata Editor (OME) is a web-based tool to help document the scientific data in a well-structured, popular scientific metadata formats. (ii) Search and Discovery Tool: Provides a single portal to information contained in disparate data management systems. It facilitates distributed metadata management, data discovery, and system access. (iii) Data Citation Tool: In collaboration with Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) Mercury Consortium (funded by NASA, USGS and DOE), established a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) service. This service is offered in partnership through the University of California Digital Library EZID service and OSTI.

Mercury is developed and managed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and is currently being funded by three federal agencies, including NASA, USGS and DOE. It provides access to millions of bio-geo-chemical and ecological data; 30,000 scientists use it each month. This poster will discuss the current efforts within Mercury, including adoption, challenges, and future efforts necessary to improve access, reuse, sharing, and discoverability of data and information.


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