Reserve Application Management System (RAMS)


Managing users application data to generate research meta-data and biometrics about a research facility. The University of California’s Natural Reserve System needed an effective way of collecting data from their users and present this data in a report at the end of the year. RAMS, the reserve application management system, was initially created for this purpose. It provides a means for reserve manager to access a researcher’s application data and made decisions on how they want to manage that user when they visit their research station. Over the years though it has grown to become a valuable tool for meta-data collection of research being done on the reserves and as a source of biometric data that is used in reports and grant proposals. The system currently has more than 50 research stations in it’s database that are managing users applications and reservations to visit the location.

Enhancing the Value and Sustainability of Field Stations and Marine Laboratories in the 21st Century, National Research Council or the National Academies, National Academy of Science, 2014
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