ESIP Earth Sciences Data Analytics (ESDA) Cluster – Work in Progress


ESIP Earth Sciences Data Analytics (ESDA) Cluster was approved in early, 2014 to promote a common understanding of the usefulness of, and activities that pertain to, Data Analytics and more broadly, the Data Scientist.  Ultimately, the ESDA cluster will facilitate collaborations between organizations that seek new ways to better understand the cross usage of heterogeneous datasets and organizations/individuals who can provide accommodating data analytics expertise, now and as the needs evolve into the future.


Since it’s inception, the ESDA cluster has (including this week) had 14 telecons, 5 face-to-faces, 17 presenters, and collected over 12 use cases, as we work to put our arms around what data analytics means in performing advanced Earth science analysis and applications, utilizing large amounts of heterogeneous data.  Earth science data analytics is a very new and not well defined field.  This poster will present the cluster’s progress in: ‘Teaching’ the application of data analytics in Earth science; Analyzing and describing the different types of Earth science data analytics (and they are not necessarily the same as the literature claims), and; Pulling from educators and field experience, what is needed to be an Earth data scientist.  Plans to associate data analytics tools and techniques particularly useful to specific types of Earth science data analytics, will be described.  Support for the cluster through the contribution of more (and more) use cases, will be solicited.

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Name: Steve Kempler
Organization(s): Goddard DAAC