Globus for Research Data Management


Globus is software-as-a-service for research data management, used at dozens of institutions and national facilities for moving and sharing big data. Globus provides easy-to-use services and tools for research data management, enabling researchers to access advanced capabilities using just a Web browser. Globus APIs can be leveraged to integrate Globus capabilities with third party portal and application.  

Recently Globus also added services for data publication and discovery that enable: publication of large research data sets with appropriate policies for all types of institutions and researchers; the ability to publish data using your own storage or cloud storage that you manage, extensible metadata that describe the specific attributes for your field of research; publication and curation workflows that can be easily tailored to meet institutional requirements; public and restricted collections that give you complete control over who may access your published data; and a rich discovery model that allows others to search and use your published data.

This poster presents an overview of Globus capabilities, and key benefits of the service.

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