NASA'S Support for the Big Earth Data Initiative (BEDI)


NASA and other US federal agencies currently hold thousands of satellite, airborne, and in-situ Earth Observation datasets.  However, this data is sometimes difficult to discover, access, and use.  Under the auspices of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), the interagency Big Earth Data Initiative (BEDI) was established to address these issues.  Specifically, BEDI is focusing on improving data and data system interoperability between agencies, federal earth observation data management practices, and, the discoverability, accessibility and usability of federally held Earth observation data. 

NASA’s ESDIS Project is working to support these efforts.  Our strategy consists of focusing on implementing “enabling” capabilities rather than creating new data products as well as driving towards towards open, community driven standards for data formats, interfaces and protocols as the key to achieving interoperability.   Our implementation work includes catalog and data discovery improvements, facilitating web services for direct data access, and implementation of targeted metadata and data services improvements at the DAACs.